Sport Coffee

Merand Sport Kaffe is inspired by the town of Voss, where we are located and have our roastery. It’s a small town surrounded by mountains and it’s known world wide for its extremsport activities. The sport coffee is developed to contain a higher caffeine content, and give our coffee consumers a caffeine kick to improve their indoor and outdoor activities.

Exclusive coffee colombia speciality athlete's sport

Name: Pudderkaffe

Producer: Merand kaffebrenneri

Arabica Coffee: Bourbon, Caturra, Castillo, Colombia, Tabi

Origin: Norway

Aroma: Cocoa, peach and almonds notes

Taste: Chocolate, grapefruit and hint of spicies

Certifications: Authentic Colombian coffee (cafe de Colombia, FNC), Protected Geographical Indication

Cupped by wine somelier Francesco Marzola, Nordic champion 2018, Norwegian wine somelier champion 2019.